Patrick Rothfuss


Book Club “The Last Unicorn” Ch 1-2: Who gave the Unicorn anxiety??+

Welcome to the first episode of our Summer mini-book club, recapping Peter S. Beagle’s classic- The Last Unicorn chapters 1-2.Admittedly-...

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CasterQuest Ep116 “The Wise Man’s Fear” Ch 98: Singin’ Lays & Power Plays+

Ep 116 of CasterQuest continues our Kingkiller Chronicle book club “The Wise Man’s Fear” Ch 98, ‘The Lay of Felurian’. In...

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CasterQuest Ep115 “The Wise Man’s Fear” Ch 97: Say No to This+

Ep 115 of CasterQuest returns to the Kingkiller Chronicle bookclub covering chapter 97 ‘Blood and Bitter Rue‘ of “The Wise...

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CasterQuest “The Wise Man’s Fear” Ch 96: Don’t Go Chase Felurian+

“The Wise Man’s Fear” Book Club Episode recapping Chapter 96 “The Fire Itself”, from the second novel in Patrick Rothfuss’...

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CasterQuest “The Wise Man’s Fear” Ch 94-95: Fairy Tail+

This episode covers Chapters 94-95 of “The Wise Man’s Fear“, the second novel in Patrick Rothfuss’ best-selling fantasy series “The...

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CasterQuest Ep106 “The Wise Man’s Fear” Ch 92-93: Thunderstruck+

This episode recaps chapters 92 & 93 of “The Wise Man’s Fear”, the second novel in the best-selling Fantasy series...

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CasterQuest Ep 105 “The Wise Man’s Fear” Ch 90-91: Livin’ on a Prayer+

In this episode we cover chapters 90 To Sing a Song About & 91 Flame, Thunder, Broken Tree in Patrick...

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CasterQuest Ep 104 “The Wise Man’s Fear” Ch 89: Dab on those Haters Graves+

Enjoy the newest Book Club Episode recapping “The Wise Man’s Fear” Chapter 89: Losing the Light. This episode is the...

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CasterQuest Ep 103 “The Wise Man’s Fear” Book Club Ch 88: The Moistening+

In Episode 103 of CasterQuest Hosts Mandy and Erik discuss Chapter 88 “Listening“- of “The Wise Man’s Fear” the second...

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CasterQuest Ep102: “The Wise Man’s Fear” Ch 87: The Idiot’s Guide to the Lethani+

EP 102 of CasterQuest covers The Lethani Chapter 87 of “The Wise Man’s Fear” in our ongoing book club recapping...

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