Mary Ogle

Earth Station Who Ep 109

Earth Station Who Episode 109 – The Witch’s Familiar

Daleks! And Davros! And Missy! Oh my! Mike, Mike, Jen, and Mary review the conclusion to the first story of the ninth season. And then they fall into a nest of vampire monkeys. But that’s another podcast!

Earth Station Who Ep 107

Earth Station Who Episode 107 – Seeds of Doom

The ESW crew is almost ready to start the new season of Doctor Who! Before Mike, Mike, Jen, and Mary set out for new adventures, they chat with Friend of the Station R. Alan Siler about his new book, “Doctor Who’s Greatest Hits.” One of those stories is an epic

Earth Station Who Ep 105

Earth Station Who Episode 105 – Battlefield

As voted on by you the listeners, the ESO crew battle onward this Seventh Doctor story. Mike, Mike, and Mary discover some familiar faces as the legend of Excalibur comes to life due to the acts of a once and future Timelord. And there was much rejoicing. Plus, a preview

Earth Station Who Ep 104

Earth Station Who Episode 104 – The Pirate Planet

Mister Fibuli! Mister Fibuli! By all the x-ray storms of Vega! Brigade Leader at UNIT Southeast KE Castelan joins Mike, Mike, Jen, and Mary to discuss the first Doctor Who story penned by the late, great (and thanks for all the fish) Douglas Adams. Featuring the epic winner-take-all battle for

Earth Station Who Ep 103

Earth Station Who Episode 103 – Mark of the Rani

Thanks to you the listeners, Mike, Mike, Jen, and Mary travel to the 19th century to see the debut of the Rani, and this two-part Sixth Doctor story certainly leaves its mark. Plus, Mike and Mike share stories from the wonderful weekend that was Con Kasterborous.

The Earth Station One Episode 276 – Geek Midlife Crisis

Geeks will live! Geeks will die! Geeks will get older and at some point need to reevaluate life choices! Mike, Mike, Phantom Troublemaker, and Mary Ogle discuss facing challenges as escapism and reality collide. Plus, illustrator and author Drew Geraci faces a crisis of his own in the Geek Seat!


I’ve never been to San Diego Comic Con. I may never go because yeah, crowds … not so fond of those. I adore, however, all the stuff that comes out of a con of that size and how easy it is to access it online. Each year media providers are

Earth Station Who Ep 102

Earth Station Who Episode 102 – Frontiers In Space

Did Mike, Mike, Mary and Nathan Laws really watch a classic Third Doctor story about an intergalactic war between Earth forces and the Draconians, or was it merely a hallucination? In any case, it is reassuring to know that H.G. Wells is still popular in the 26th century. Plus, we

Earth Station Who Episode 98 – The Daemons

As the end of April approaches, ESW celebrates Beltane by visiting Devil’s End with the Third Doctor. Mike, Mike, and Mary Ogle are joined by Louis Robinson who assisted with editing The Daemons and insists that no actual dark spirits were harmed during the making of this serial. However, not

Earth Station Who Episode 94 – Love and Monsters

Team LINDA unite! Mike, Mike, Jen, and the Phantom Troublemaker are joined by Mary Ogle to discuss one of the most controversial episodes of the Davies/Tennant era. When you’re a kid, they tell you it’s all, grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid, and

Earth Station One Episode 251 – Space Battleship Yamato / Starblazers

Time is running out! The Earth has only 360 days left until it is destroyed! The ESO crew must travel to the planet Iscandar to save their home, but how will they get there? Mike, Mike, Mark Holmes, John McCarthy, and Nathan Laws dig the Yamato out of mothballs for

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