Iron Man


Next On Earth Station One….+

The Earth Station One crew and friends head back to the theater for a look at one of the summers...

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Beyond ‘The Avengers’: Marvel prepares for ‘Phase 2’ of superhero franchise+

By Ashley Bergner Box Office Buzz Before 2008, many people weren’t familiar with the Marvel comic book superhero Iron Man....

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ASSEMBLED! 2: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES AND VILLAINS has now joined Vol. 1 on Kindle, also for $2.99 at This...

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Building a Better Sequel+

Is Hollywood out of ideas? Lets examine the evidence. In the past few years, sequels, prequels, and remakes have dominated...

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(Spoilers!) Whedon, not Branagh, directed Thor’s easter egg+

If you’ve seen Thor, you’ll know that, as with Iron Man and Iron Man 2, there’s an easter egg after...

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