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CasterQuest Ep 57: WHYBW? Rogue One/ SW Rebels/ Trollhunters/ Star Vs/ Journey to the West+

In Episode 57 we host another What Have You Been Watching? Mandy and Xavier talk lots of Star Wars: Rogue...

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Earth Station One Ep 171 – When Monsters Attack – The Pacific Rim Movie Review+

On this episode, the ESO crew powers up their Jaegers to battle invading the Kaiju! Mike, Mike, Jenn, the award-winning...

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That Hulk TV series could smash onto ABC’s schedule by next year+

By Trent Moore, Source: When ABC’s fall schedule was announced, there was one oft-rumored project that was conspicuously absent:...

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Emma Watson And Guillermo Del Toro, Together At Last, For Beauty And The Beast+

by Hannah Shaw-Williams, Bleeding It’s official: the fairy tale adaptation is, like, so hot right now. Not only are...

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