God Of War

Metal Geeks 179: Trivial Geekery

The Metal Geeks crew are joined by MSRcast cohost Sean the Metal Pigeon, and the voice from the other room, Cary the Metal Geek’s better half, Kimmu, as they discuss what is continuing to occupy our time including Community, Doom Eternal, Ghostbusters The Video Game, God of War, Gato Roboto,

Metal Geeks 147: Infinite Geekery

The Metal Geeks crew have returned from the Soul Stone to bring you a brand new episode where we review Avengers: Infinity War, discuss Judas Priest in George Hates Metal, have a discussion on living legends in the Metal scene, and much more. Check out our sponsor at tantrumcollectibles.com if

Pop Culture Cosmos Episode Eighty Six

Avengers Infinity War is almost here and Josh and Gerald start the speculation on who dies, who lives and just how much money the movie might make. Plus Josh breaks down his time so far with God of War, we reflect on Black Panther and his importance for the next

PCC Multiverse Episode Sixty Four

God of War is here and we talk about if this game can boost the longevity for the Playstation 4. We also weigh with thoughts on Call of Duty;s rumored ditching of its single player campaign and why Spider-Man Homecoming was a big boost for Sony and the Marvel Cinematic

PCC Multiverse Episode Sixty

Pacific Rim Uprising, Daniel Bryan;s WWE return, Captain America’s MCU exit and what would our lives be like without pop culture?

PCC Multiverse Episode Forty

Thor Ragnarok hits the big screen in the US and we are discussing our hopes for Marvel’s latest entry plus Sony’s big week in Paris. We also have Kevin Eldridge from the Flopcast back discussing the nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jason FineBurgh from Hunnic Ween

Metal Geeks 132: E3 2017 Geekery

Joining Cary the Metal Geek and George this week as we dive headfirst into our E3 coverage is our special guests including Kimmu Borgir, aka the Voice From the Other Room, aka Cary the Metal Geek’s Wife, and Alpha, proprieter of our new sponsor, Tantrum Collectibles. Check out our brand

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