The Geekly Oddcast 41 – Ribbiting Saga – Season 2 Premiere+

The Geekly Oddcast has returned for Season 2! Sorry for the delay, 2019 is not shaping up to be my...

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Metal Geeks 159: 2018 Rewind Geekery+

Join the Metal Geeks crew for the annual Rewind episode as we dive back into our favorite music, films, tv...

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Metal Geeks 156: Legendary Geekery+

Join Brutal Dave and Cary the Metal Geek as they they get all metal this episode with brutal discussions on...

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Metal Geeks 152: Mother Love Geekery+

The Metal Geeks discuss a wide range of topics including Nicolas Cage movies, Strange Brigade, Dead Cells, Helloween, Michael Nesmith,...

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Geeks and gatekeeping: Discussing our favorite franchises without shutting out other fans+

The Internet — and the rise of social media — has benefited geek culture in a number of ways. It’s...

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Metal Geeks 147: Infinite Geekery+

The Metal Geeks crew have returned from the Soul Stone to bring you a brand new episode where we review...

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Metal Geeks 146: Return To Geekery+

The Metal Geeks crew return after an unplanned hiatus to give you all the geekery you can handle. Topics include...

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The Geekly Oddcast 27 – Prequels Nobody Wants+

Hollywood has done it to death, reboots and sequels and even prequels. Going back to George Lucas and his prequels,...

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Metal Geeks 143: Hot Minute Geekery+

It’s been a hot minute since the Metal Geeks crew have convened to record their geeky thoughts. Joining Cary the...

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Metal Geeks 142: 2017 Rewind Geekery+

After a little bit of a delay, your hosts return for a 2017 Rewind including some of the music they...

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