Homeland Security wants to deploy Minority Report pre-crime tech

By Marc Bernardin, Source: Lifting a page from Philip K. Dick’s book, the Department of Homeland Security is in the early stages of developing something called FAST that, when it’s installed at an airport near you, will attempt to catch terrorists before they strike. Maybe. FAST stands for Future

Fringe producers shot TWO season finales. Which will we see?

By Trent Moore, Source: With the fate of Fox’s Fringe still up in the air, the cast recently opened up about just how prepared they are if the current fourth season turns out to be the last. The most interesting tidbit? They’ve apparently shot two potential endings, depending on

Look who’s getting involved in that Mass Effect 3 controversy now

By Matthew Jackson, Source: Fan campaigns are nothing new, but the fan campaign demanding that game developer BioWare produce a new ending to its blockbuster Mass Effect 3 is unusual for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s got an extraordinary number of followers, and for another, the complaints

More Winter is coming: HBO renews Game of Thrones for 3rd season

By Marc Bernardin, Source: Even though we can’t say we’re surprised—given the robust ratings performance and awards recognition—we’re pleased nonetheless: HBO’s epic adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy saga is getting another season to cast its spell. After just the second episode of this current season, HBO is opening

Walking Dead location scouts accidentally leak major S3 plot point

By Trent Moore, Source: A small town Georgia newspaper may have just leaked a major location and plot point for season three of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Possible spoilers ahead! According to the Times-Herald in Coweta County, Walking Dead location scouts have been meeting with officials from the small

Sorry, X-Men fans—Hunger Games sequel delays First Class 2

By Trent Moore, Source: We finally know when work will begin on a sequel to X-Men First Class—but thanks to the success of The Hunger Games, it’s apparently going to take a bit longer than we’d hoped. Actress Jennifer Lawrence, who stars as Katniss in The Hunger Games, has

Watch Jim Henson’s long-lost (and charming) 1963 robot movie

By Marc Bernardin, Source: Long before moving onto Sesame Street, Jim Henson took a gig for the Bell System, the company which would eventually become AT&T. He was hired to create a robot that would walk small business owners through new technologies—and this newly discovered footage shows the fruit

Why the new reboot of The Mummy might be better than you think

By Don Kaye, Source: Just when you thought that the modern version of The Mummy had run out of steam, guess what? It’s being rebooted, of course. But that might not necessarily be a bad thing. Variety reports that Universal Pictures, which has owned The Mummy since Boris Karloff

Jared Padalecki says you should expect an 8th season of Supernatural

By Trent Moore, Source: With its seventh season winding down on The CW, it wouldn’t be crazy to think the low-rated but beloved monster-hunting series Supernatural might not be long for this world. But don’t tell that to series co-star Jared Padalecki, because he’s already looking forward to season

A Jonny Quest movie seems like a no-brainer; what’s taking so long?

By Marc Bernardin, Source: There’s been talk of a live-action adventure starring Hanna Barbera’s great boy explorer for a good long while—back in 2009 Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson signed on as Jonny and Race Bannon—but nothing’s ever happened. Wrath of the Titans’ screenwriter Dan Mazeau, who is also

Rosario Dawson, Walking Dead producer bringing occult comic to TV

By Trent Moore, Source: After helping make AMC’s The Walking Dead one of the biggest shows ever, producer Gale Anne Hurd is bringing another dark comic property to the small screen—and she’s teaming up with Rosario Dawson to make it happen. The duo is developing the graphic novel Occult

Warner Bros. fight with Superman creators is about to get uglier

By Matthew Jackson, Source: The legal battle between Warner Bros. and the estates of Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster over the copyright to the Man of Steel has been raging for more than a decade, and the bad blood behind it has been boiling for much, much

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