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Earth Station One Episode 330

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 330 – The Suicide Squad

The task force of Mike, Mike, Alex Autrey, Ashley Pauls, and the long-awaited return of JD Onesi, tackles the most recent installment of the DC cinematic universe, despite the less than favorable odds of survival. Plus, Raiders Guy Eric Zala makes a pit stop on his cross country road trip

Earth Station One Episode 329

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 329 – Who is Jason Bourne?

After almost a decade, Jason Bourne remembers just enough to return to theaters for the summer movie season. Special agents Mike, Mike, Ashley Pauls, and Mark Heffernan review the entire Bourne portfolio including the latest thriller. Plus, Rants, Raves, Khan Report, Geek Girl’s Take, and Shout Outs!

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 328

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 328 – Star Trek Beyond Movie Review

This year, Star Trek celebrates 50 years! Mike, Mike, Ashley Pauls and Jennifer Hartshorn face the wrath of Krall and review the latest entry to the Trek film franchise. Plus, the final frontier finally pushes back and one of science fiction’s longest running institutions lands in the Geek Seat! All

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 327

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 327 – Ghostbusters

It’s been a long time since there was something strange in the neighborhood, but now there’s a new group of Ghostbusters to answer the call. Mike, Mike, Ashley, and Alex charge the lines, create the vortex, and break the barriers on 2016’s most divisive movie. Plus, Van Jensen and Pete

Earth Station One Ep 320

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 320 – X-men: Apocalypse

The next chapter in the mutant saga is in theaters and the Four Horsemen of Mike, Mike, Ashley Pauls, and Alex Autrey decree judgement. Plus, Dakoma Sanchez dances around the Geek Seat, Khan Reports of MomoCon and TimeGate, and Rants & Raves about DC Comics’ Rebirth. All this, along with

Earth Station One Podcast Episode 311 – Batman v Superman Movie Review

This is how it starts. The fever. The ranting. The raving. The feeling of powerlessness that turns geeks…cruel. Mike, Mike, Doctor Q, Alex Autrey, Ashley Pauls, and Brad Ladner share their thoughts on the darkness before the dawn. Plus, Jay Sherer finds himself bullied into the Geek Seat. All this,

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 279 – The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

The ESO crew visit the multiplex to view the latest classic tv series to be adapted to the big screen. Mike, Mike, Ashley Pauls, Mark Maddox, and Alan J. Porter take a look at this newly declassified file of agents Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin first mission together. We also

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