PCC Multiverse #178- #SpeakingOut on Pro Wrestling, Remembering Joel Shumacher, and It’s Our June TV Update!+

The Pro Wrestling World is up in arms as major controversy hits with the #SpeakingOut movement affecting several wrestlers and...

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PCC Multiverse #140- The Joker Runs Wild, Call of Duty Goes Mobile, and The Fight Is On For AEW vs. WWE and NXT!+

The PCC Multiverse returns as Josh and Gerald talk about the social and financial impact of DC’s The Joker as...

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Pop Culture Cosmos #144- The Future For Godzilla and AEW, What’s Coming Up For Playstation Fans, and Our Dream Three For E3!+

Josh and Gerald talk Godzilla’s weekend at the box office and how its future now has become very unclear plus...

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