The RevNews coverage of all things Captain America: Civil War concludes! We came, we saw, we laughed and we cried! Oh, did our group of podcasters cry as the movie hit them hard, as the internet says, right in the feels. RevNews hosts Gary Mitchel & Tegan Hendrickson have reconvened with registered fans Mike Nelson, Ryan Guthrie and, Jennifer Hartshorn to see if the movie met theirpreviously discussed expectations, or if it needs to be sent to its room (that may be an exaggeration).

Listen in as they talk about why previous delays weren’t Tegan’s fault; their general reactions to the movie; the capable hands of the Russo Brothers; what predictions they got right (and wrong); their trouble believing that was Howard Stark’s car; Tony’s deep need for therapy; their quibbles and the feels; Zemo’s plan and if Mike was happy that Zemo wasn’t Cobra Commandered; the deaths, more feels and the many needs for hugs; how they felt about all the characters; Bucky’s Legolas moment; Tony’s need for therapy; the incredible cuteness of Vision & Wanda; the redemption of Clint Barton; their need for a Black Panther movie right now; what Spidey brought to Team Tony; Zemo’s vicory and need for another hug; Tegan’s use of “Hobbiting” as a verb; the big airport fight; how the Russo brothers used our expectations against us in a fantastic way; the intensity & deep feels of the final fight; Bucky putting on a smile for Steve’s sake; #TeamBladder; and where they ranks it amongst the MCU movies so far.

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