Even in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, the pop culture news train keeps rolling on as Josh and Gerald get you up to speed on the future for Artemis Fowl bypassing the theaters and heading straight to the box office, the cancellation of Comic-Con and the digitization of Gamescom, the soft release of NBC/Universal’s Peacock streaming network and its new original content, and the future for Justice League Dark now that JJ Abrams sets a course for the series on HBO Max. All this and Jessica Boggs from the TV Ratings Guide is back in part two of her April TV Update talking about what shows and networks are seeing a boost in viewership due to the Coronavirus, and Noah Ian Fein from The HunnicOutcasts shares some Turbo Grafx 16 memories in his retro gaming recap! All this and more on another great edition of the Pop Culture Cosmos!

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