Jamie Monroy of Game Source sits in with Josh and Gerald as they discuss the potential future for a reinvigorated franchise with Terminator: Dark Fate as it hits theaters this weekend. Will the early returns be enough to say the series is back? Or is it time to say “Hasta La Vista, Baby” for this long-running franchise. The guys also talk the Game of Thrones writers leaving the Star Wars universe, the potential of HBO Max upon its debut next May and its long term outlook, the return (as of now for one night only) of My Chemical Romance and if it could lead to new music, and does the launch trailer for Death Stranding entice us to play it when it comes out next week. All this and Jamie has a review of the video game Frostpunk and Gerald has a review of the HELM Audio TWS 5.0 Wireless Earbuds on our latest PCC Multiverse!
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