This weekend brings a lot of movies to the theaters, but are any of them worth watching? Josh and Gerald labor over the latest slate of films to head to the cineplex plus they talk about Sony’s plans on an expanded Spiderverse coming to TV, Netflix’s big game of Thrones-related acquisition, Amazon’s Lord of the Rings season length and if it’s just too much content for the average viewer. Plus we preview the next three months in video games and decide which “AAA” titles are the ones gamers will be looking toward playing very soon and with the news of a rare video game appearing out of the blue to a Seattle game store, we contemplate on how we would handle such a discovery. All this and Greg Hall from We Podcast & We Know Things stops by to preview WWE’s Summerslam but along the way we delve much deeper into the WWE product, its glaring issues, their future with Smackdown’s arrival soon on Fox, and an incoming threat from All-Elite Wrestling.
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