Josh and Gerald return to talk pop culture on this 4th of July weekend with a review (Warning: SPOILERS!) of Spider-Man: Far From Home as Gerald fills you in on if this latest web-slinging flick carries itself as a qualified part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Plus Amazon has found a director to kick of its Lord of the Rings series so we talk about what timeline this will cover and if this very ambitious project will gain the attention of viewers looking for a new fantasy program to watch. Also is the hype surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 and a possible expanded universe justified coming from the tremendous but brief success of CD Projekt Red? And with rumors of a possible live-action The Nightmare Before Christmas on the way, will this be something that could tarnish the legacy of the beloved animated property it’s based on? Are we even cool with this possibly happening? It’s another great hour of conversation and opinion (not to mention concern over the tortilla crisis at Taco Bell) on our latest PCC Multiverse!
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