Myself and Chris DePetrillo take a look at one of the most recognizable horror icon, Chucky. We go through the entire Child’s Play series that is actually still continuing to this day. From a serious horror movie to a horror comedy it really has run the spectrum of the genre. We talk about our thoughts on Tiffany and the horrible design of the Chucky & Tiffany child in Seed Of Chucky. This is a franchise that should not be missed and deserves a look at in this Halloween season!

Nerdy Laser is the coolest podcast in Bayside! Your host Richard Ewell takes you on a trip through the nerdy rabbit hole that is pop culture. One of the focuses is the ninties which is close to Richard’s nerddom but nothing is off limits. He has a variety of guests that come on to share their knowledge & love for any subject from 90’s soundtracks to Jurassic Park. Give us a listen & remember, keep it nerdy.

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