This week on Myopia: Defend Your Childhood, we wrap our 2019 Public Defender Month! The Month of movie you wanted to defend, and we wrapped with a precocious kid classic! We saw Jonathan Taylor Thomas (or JTT as the girls I was in middle school with called him) and Chevy Chase (or douchebag as the actors who work with him called him) in Man of the House!

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Want to see a funny show, in fact, Creative Loafing’s People’s Choice Award for Best Comedy Show? Cineprov is riffing at the Plaza May 2nd and I will be on this episode! We will be riffing on the movie Boogeyman (1980) Weeee!

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How will Man of the House stand when we put it on trial?

Host: Nic
Public Defendant: Erik
Panel: Matthew, Daniel, Charlie