Joining today: author Lilibet Snellings, author of BOX GIRL: My Part-Time Job as an Art Installation (from Soft Skull Press) and the funniest person you know with MS

The first thing I remember from my initial call to Lilibet was her talent for setting the dramatic to a well-lit narrative; one where all the places and players are carefully examined, illustrated, and given vibrancy by their all-too-human quips (we also share an addiction to bulleted lists and numbered collections, handwritten notes and a continued affection for the late cinema sage, Syd Field).

The second, was her immediate—and sincere—reply when I asked:

“What was it like to spend part of your life on exhibit?”

– J


Show Notes

You can learn more about Lilibet’s work on her website or talk with her directly on Twitter as well.

This piece and episode first appeared in an interview for The Huffington Post, which you can read here.

For more information, and a proper view of The Standard Hotel’s Box installation, you can also read Paper Magazine’s article from last year.

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