This week’s web pick is a tie-in to this week’s ESO Podcast all about Kevin Smith. In the blogging business, we call that synergy. Enjoy!

It’s unclear how much feedback the average celebrity reads on Twitter. I imagine the reply feed of the stars needs a steady refresh to keep up with the “love you, man”s and the “you suck”s of the unwashed masses. I say it is unclear because I rarely see @ replies to respond with follower inquires from the average celebrity. Today’s review isn’t for this celebrity, it’s for @ThatKevinSmith.

Silent Bob is on the other side of the spectrum. He @ replies a lot. Some say too much. Any web savvy fan of the director knows that Kevin Smith is anything but silent. His podcast, called SModcast, is even more dialogue heavy than his films, and word for word, probably funnier. If you’re not prudish in your content selection, I recommend you check it out.

NEW MOON rumored to have beaten DARK KNIGHT one day record of $67mil. Tween girls can get sh*t DONE, man. Send ‘em to Iraq and Afghanistan.

In fact, if you don’t listen to the podcast and are not a fan of his movies, then there is little reason to follow Kevin Smith on Twitter. Most of his tweets are inside baseball as they answer inside baseball inquires. He has been known to have Twitter “press conferences” for hours at a time with fans acting as the press.

Sharing certain topics of interest will also make @ThatKevinSmith a win. Among them are movies (of course), comic books and hockey. A parental advisory for his feed would flag language and sexual content. You’ve been warned.

I loved that CLERKS was an overnight sensation. Saved me years of struggle. But I never wanted that night to be over so I kept making stuff.

The best thing about Kevin Smith is that you can tell he loves the Twitter, and apparently the Twitter loves him. In an older episode of SModcast he talked about how the trolls of the web started to bring down the conversation on his previously exclusive fan portal, his message board. With Twitter he gets all the feedback he wants and blocks the riff raff. So if you aren’t riff raff, and like a high tweet count about the life and times of Kevin Smith, Merry Quispmas.