Geeks Are Built to Survive the Pandemic

The end of life as we know it!! They say you need to have a strong opening sentence to grab the audience’s attention and now I have yours. Hello fine folks, I’m Noah_The_Alpha_Geek and this is my first blog for ESONetwork. I’m very happy to be here.

First just the very tiniest of info about me and this blog. When trying to come up with a name for this geek variety blog I went through several thoughts. Do I go with my heart and name it “Jamaica we got a Blog Sled Team?” Well, that won’t do because people might expect Doug E Doug and then there’s ya know copy-write implications from the House of Mouse. Strike one, Noah, try again. Then I thought, the “Geeky Weekly Variety Blog.” However, that is as about as exciting as watching paint dry on Warhammer minis at your cousin Carl’s house whose Mom only buys those off brand Oreos. Strike numero dos, Noah. So I went back to my roots and picked “Out of My Geek Mind Blog”. Where I take geeky thoughts and topics out of my geek mind and gently place them in yours through the power of reading. Also some people have claimed that I am actually out of my mind for dropping so many “SeaQuest DSV” quotes daily. So you see the name works on multiple levels. Ok, now that you know me let’s get to the really fun stuff; a global pandemic.

It’s safe to assume that you my dear reader have not spent the last year in the bottom of a Sarlacc pit and therefor have been dealing with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has indeed been a trying time for everyone but I have a feeling that the geeks and nerds of the world have been weathering the storm a bit better than some. Ergo there also may be some very positive upsides to the social distancing we are all experiencing as well. Now sure, we geeks are very much bummed by the lack of comic book movies coming out and the cancellations of our favorite conventions. However, there are certain entertainment areas that are thriving. Let’s take video gaming and streaming services like Twitch for example. Those areas are thriving. We as geeks we already accustomed to playing Elder Scrolls Online or Call of Duty in the wee hours of the morning. We have raiding parties with our friends and stay in touch via discord chats. What a great way to stay connected to friends when you can’t hang out face to face!

Us geeks have even made new friends and introduced our neighbors, co-works, muggles, and non gaming family members to one of our pre-pandemic past times. You can’t tell me that you don’t experience extreme satisfaction from sinking your boss’s sloop straight down to Davey Jones Locker on “Sea of Thieves” or pulling off the sickest of Fatalities against your cousin Carl therefor humiliating him and earning some small redemption for having to eat those nasty off brand Oreo cookies! I personally have been enjoying some geeky activities more with social distancing. Take my monthly Pathfinder game for example. Our members still get dressed up in costumes, get out snacks together, our ale or mead of choice, and ban together on our quest. Now sure we are doing this via Skype or Zoom but the overall experience is just as good. In fact this may be something we do permanently from now on, even after the pandemic. It allows us to play with more people from around the globe and I don’t have to sit beside Dave, who always smells like cheese puff and bacon farts. I’m just kidding, his name isn’t Dave.

And lastly as I mentioned earlier it is a major bummer that the conventions are cancelled but it was inevitable. I can’t bring myself to say Dragon*Con out loud yet for fear of soaking my shirt in tears. But have no fear, Cons have gone virtual! You can attend them with your friends via the internet, attend virtual panels, purchase con exclusive merch and much more. Until we can all attend conventions in person safely, these virtual conventions (I’m looking at you DCFandome) are a great compromise.

So chin up world! We geeks have been socially isolating and social distancing long before 2020. If you need some pro tips on how it’s done just simply ask. All it will cost you is an entire afternoon listening to which Star Trek series is the best. I hope you enjoyed reading and be on the look out each Friday for more thoughts straight Out of My Geek Mind.

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