Double Edged Double Bill is ready to fire a rocket launcher from the hip! Adam and Thomas are taking a look at two films from the infamous schlock machine production company Cannon Films! Cannon Films made all of your favorite films so-bad-they’re-good films of the 1980s and our duo has two fantastic examples this week. First up is Invasion U.S.A., in which Chuck Norris and his two uzis stop communists by any means necessary. Then we have Death Wish 3, in which Charles Bronson massacres street thugs with all the strength a nonplussed 64 year old man can muster. Together, our duo answers all the crucial questions. Does facial hair shield you from explosion blow back? How many dummies can fall from high buildings? Which two films will be discussed on next week’s A24 episode? Well download this episode via bazooka shot to the ear to find out!

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