2019 is ending, but Double Edged Double Bill wants the last word! Joining Adam Thomas and Thomas Mariani is film writer Brianna Zigler to talk two very divergent films from this strange year. First up is the bad pick Serenity, a thriller where Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway realize they may just be playthings in a boring game! Then, the good pick – as chosen by our listeners – The Irishman in which Martin Scorsese examines mob culture and reveals the sad lonely existence it leads to. So fun for the whole family! Plus, our trio answers all sorts of important questions. When did The McConaissance truly end? What has Robert De Niro done beyond the Dirty Grandpa Cinematic Universe? What two films will Adam & Thomas pick for next week’s first episode looking back at the past decade? Well listen in to find out!

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