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Timestamp #209: The End of Time

Doctor Who: The End of Time (Christmas Special, 2009) (New Year Special, 2010) “It is said that in the final days of planet Earth, everyone had bad dreams…” Everyone forgot these terrible dreams, except one man. London is gearing up for Christmas, and Wilfred Mott is no exception. However, when he

Happy holidays from a galaxy far, far away

I firmly believe that every Star Wars fan should watch the infamous “Holiday Special” at least once. It’s not because the Star Wars Holiday Special is some kind of hidden, underappreciated gem. It’s awful — truly, spectacularly, miserably awful. So awful, in fact, that if George Lucas could have used

The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon: Episode 133: Frontios

The Watch-A-Thon of Rassilon: Episode 133: Frontios (Joe Mispronounces Plantagenet)

Joe and Toni discuss Fronty-Oh’s, equal opportunity shushing, and taking a (hat) stand in the Classic Doctor Who serial Frontios. This episode is brought to you by Friend of Rassilon Matt Golden. If you’re interested in being a Friend of Rassilon, click here. Download • YouTube • RSS • Patreon • iTunes • Stitcher • Google Play • ESO Network

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Timestamp #208: Dreamland

Doctor Who: Dreamland (Animated Special, 2009) “Always count your steps, Seruba Velak. You never know when you might need to escape in a box.” One ship is pursued across the sky by two others. In a hail of laser fire, it crashes into the New Mexico desert, outside Roswell, on

Supernatural: Inherit the Earth

It’s the ultimate battle between Chuck (a.k.a. God) and the Winchesters. The stakes: the whole world. Get a recap, commentary and links.

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Timestamp: Sarah Jane Adventures Series Three Summary

Sarah Jane Adventures: Series Three Summary Series Three slid down a notch. The series started strong with Prisoner of the Judoon and had a high note with The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, but the rest of the series seemed to hit a middle of the road status quo in

Supernatural: In the face of despair

One by one, the Winchesters’ allies are stripped from them. It’s time to face down Death, and deal with the bombs waiting to go off.

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Timestamp #SJA19: The Gift

Sarah Jane Adventures: The Gift(2 episodes, s03e06, 2009) Eat your vegetables before they eat you. The Bannerman Road Gang chases a disguised Slitheen with a stolen matter compressor into a warehouse. The plan is to compress the planet’s carbon into a giant diamond. When the Slitheen gets away, Sarah Jane

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