Earth Station Who ep 287

Earth Station Who – Flux Chapter 6: The Vanquishers

The season-long storyline of the Flux has concluded and Mike, Mike, Mary, Shirley Wenlock-Hot, and Ramona Schnitger examine Chris Chibnall’s ability to stick the landing of his most ambitious Thirteenth Doctor adventure. We want to hear from you! Please write to us at . Also, please subscribe and rate the

Earth Station Who Ep 286

Earth Station Who – Flux Chapter 5: Survivors of the Flux

Things heat up in the Thirteenth Doctor and the Yaz Gang in the penultimate chapter in the Flux storyline. Mike, Mike, Mary, welcome Anthony Williams, and Mark Heffernan and compare scorecards of all the players as they prepare for the final drive with little time left on the clock. We

The Earth Station Who Ep 285

Earth Station Who Flux – Chapter 4: The Village of The Angels

Beware the stare! Today the Weeping Angels take the village, tomorrow the world! Mike, Mike, Mary, Rob Levy, and Matthew Sweatman have their eyes glued to the latest chapter in the Flux storyline. We want to hear from you! Please write to us at . Also, please subscribe and rate

The Earth Station Who Podcast Ep 284

Earth Station Who Flux – Chapter 3: Once, Upon Time

The Thirteenth Doctor and crew face a timestorm of epic proportions. Mike, Mike, Mary, Alan Siler, and Michael Falkner jump into one another’s timelines to review the halfway point of the Flux storyline. This episode is dedicated to the memory of Shirley Ogle (1938-2021). We want to hear from you!

Earth Station Who Flux Ep 283

Earth Station Who Flex: War of the Sontarans

The second chapter of the Flux storyline is a historical episode with diabolical implications for the 21st century and beyond. Mike, Mike, Mary, Felicity, and Mark McCray visit the British Hotel and survey the latest field of battle for our favorite race of potato heads. Sontar-Ha! We want to hear

Earth Station Who Ep 282

Earth Station Who – Flux Part 1: The Halloween Apocalypse

The final season of the Thirteenth Doctor has begun! The first chapter of the Flux storyline premiered on Halloween and Mike, Mike, Mary, Charles Kelso, and Veronica Bramlett offer their thoughts on the new characters, returning alien threats, universal menace, and the introduction of a mysterious adversary from the Doctor’s

Earth Station Who Ep 281

Earth Station Who – Paradise Tower

The Seventh Doctor and Mel discover that there are some deep dark waters in the Paradise Towers pool. Mike, Mike, Mary, Dr. Scott Vigiue, and Dave Chapman take the Fizzade taste test and determine if it really is ice hot. We want to hear from you! Please write to us

Earth Station Who - 280

Earth Station Who – The Invasion

The Second Doctor and crew deal with a foe far worse than stupid simple-minded computer answering services. Mike, Mike, Mary, and Kirby Bartlett-Sloan join up with UNIT to defend the Earth against an evil, sadistic, insane, megalomaniac, managing director and the cyber planner from Planet Fourteen. We want to hear

Earth Station Who Ep 279

Earth Station Who – The Surprising Return of Russell T Davies

Recorded via Facebook Live! Everything old is new again as the BBC officially announced the next showrunner of Doctor Who is Russell T Davies. Mike, Mike, and Mary are joined by Melanie Dean, Anthony Williams, and R. Alan Siler to discuss reactions to the news and predictions of the future

Earth Station Who - An Earthly Child

The Earth Station Who Podcast – An Earthly Child

The Doctor’s granddaughter reaches out to the stars for assistance and her call is answered but not by the alien she was expecting. Mike, Mike, and Matthew Kresal review this momentous Eighth Doctor story from Big Finish in which you can’t always rely on Hope to get through the Dark

Earth Station Who Ep 277

Earth Station Who – The Sensorites

The First Doctor and crew journey to the Sense-Sphere in the very first season of the franchise. Mike, Mike, and Mary cut through the telepathic noise and avoid drinking nightshade to discover the mysterious monsters in the aqueducts. We want to hear from you! Please write to us at .

Earth Station Who ep 276

Earth Station Who – Jubilee

All hail the glorious English Empire! The Sixth Doctor and Evelyn “Hot Lips” Smythe face the Daleks once again, but the real menace might be closer to home. Mike, Mike, and Matthew Kresal drink Dalek juice are corrected by grammar Nazis, and try to avoid dismemberment as they review the

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