Earth Station Trek

Earth Station Trek Episode Twelve – First Contact

Happy First Contact Day! Join your hosts Charles Kelso, Keith Johnson, Alan Siler, and Veronica Dashiell as they discuss the Next Generation movie, First Contact. But first, news! New Funko Pops, the Autobiography of Mr. Spock, and more! Which hosts birthday is First Contact Day? Learn to sing Happy Birthday

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Earth Station Trek Episode Eleven – One-Off Wonders

Join the Earth Station Trek crew- Charles Kelso, Alan Siler, Keith Johnson, and Veronica Dashiell – as we dive into Trek’s greatest One-off Wonders, exploring characters, species, and technology that only appeared once, but we’d love to see again! We also examine, discuss, and speculate about the recently announced cast

Earth Station Trek Episode Ten – Bashir, Julian Bashir

Join your hosts Charles Kelso, Alan Siler, Keith Johnson, and Veronica Dashiell, as they discuss doctor, genetically enhanced superman, and galactic man of mystery, Julian Bashir. We cover Bashir from his early days as a naïve frontier doctor, to his epic bromance with Chief Miles O’Brien, his spy games with

Earth Station Trek Episode Nine – Equinox

Join your intrepid hosts Charles Kelso, Alan Siler, Keith Johnson, and Veronica Dashiell as they react to news from the four quadrants of the Star Trek Universe – including the return of the outrageous Okona and the potential for Kalinda Vazquez to become Star Trek’s first female film screenwriter –

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