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Proudly serving you since April 2010, Earth Station One is a pop-culture Podcast and blog celebrating our love for all things sci-fi, fantasy, comics, and much, much more.

During any given Podcast, we never know where our discussions will take us, but we assure you that our Podcasts will be entertaining and that you will enjoy them.

Join Mike Faber and Mike Gordon as they dive headfirst into the world of their favorite topics, and see how they can find to get into trouble! The Earth Station One Podcast: It’s time to let your inner geek out to play!

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Mike Faber
Mike Gordon
Earth Station One 500

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 500!!!

Recorded live at Infinite Realities inTucker, GA! Mike and Mike celebrated the landmark 500th episode with what else? Geeking out with fun folks in a great comic shop! Much love to everyone who joined in the lively discussion of favorite geek experiences and dream destinations. Whether you were there in

Earth Station One Ep 499

The Earth Station One Podcast – Just the Mikes

On the eve of recording episode 500, Mike and Mike reflect on nearly a decade of podcasting. No guests, additional crew members, nor additional segments. Just the two co-hosts unscripted, uncensored, unprepared, and unorganized as they discuss Earth Station One’s past, present, and future. We want to hear from you.

Earth Station One Podcast ep 498

The Earth Station One Podcast – Music Spotlight On The Kinks

In 1964, the Davies brothers exploded onto the early rock scene with the winning combination of Ray’s clever lyrics and Dave’s distorted guitar riffs. Mike, Mike, Michelle, Bambi, and Ricky follow the krazy, kontroversial, kareer of the volatile band from Britain that may not be over. All this, along with

The Earth Station One Podcast Ep 497

Earth Station One Podcast – The 50th Anniversary of Sesame Street

Sunny day! Sweeping the clouds away! Mike, Mike, and Felt Nerdy’s Charles Kelso hang out in the neighborhood where adults, kids, animals, and Muppets have been educating and entertaining folks for more than 50 years. Plus, Team Kamikaze gets animated about their new Kickstarter project. All this, along with Angela’s

Earth Station One Ep 496

The Earth Station One Podcast – ESO Book Club ‘Frankenstein’

The Earth Station One Book Club is Alive! Alive! Mike, Mike, Kirby, and the award-winning artist Mark Maddok conclude this year’s Countdown to Halloween with a look at Mary Shelley’s tale of a Modern Prometheus. Plus, Silver Scream Spookshow queen Madeline Brumby shrieks, cries, and howls in the Geek Seat

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 495

The Earth Station One Podcast – The 50th Anniversary of Scooby Doo

Zoinks, Jinkies, Jeepers, and Creepers! The Mystery Machine now has 50 years of miles on it and Scooby and the Gang aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Mike, Mike, Mark McCray, and Gail Martin search for clues as to the secret of the show’s popularity. Plus, Gail takes a turn in

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 494

The Earth Station One Podcast – The 50th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion

Welcome foolish mortals, our Countdown to halloween begins at the home of 999 happy haunts. Mike, Michael, Rita de la Torre, and the award winning artist Mark Maddox socialize with some silly spooks, creepy creeps, and grim grinning ghosts. Plus, artist Salena Balls calls on her creation, Ghouella Deville to

The Earth Station One Podcast Ep 493

The Earth Station One Podcast – The Joker Movie Review

One of the oldest and most popular DC villain is finally featured in his own movie, but is it reason to put a smile on one’s face? Listen to find out if Mike, Mike, Alex, and Adam Whetston get the joke. Plus, Adam brings the thunder to the Geek Seat!

The 2019 Dragon Con Khan Report

The 2019 Dragon Con Khan Report Episode 9

Dragon Con 2019 was one for the record books! Mike, Mike, Darren, Mary Lou, and Jennifer Adams have recovered enough to report on the weekend that was the most attended Dragon Con of them all. Plus, a report from Alyssa who is no longer a DC virgin. Don’t look now,

Earth Station One Ep 491

The Earth Station One Podcast – The Downton Abbey Movie Review

Hear ye, hear ye! The King and Queen are coming to Downton – an event so momentous it requires the big screen treatment. Mike ,Mike, Ashley, and Andy Hartley break out the formal wear for dinner with Royals. Plus, Andrew discovers that the Geek Seat is more daunting than the

Earth Station One Ep 490

The Earth Station One Podcast – The Boys TV Show Review

People love that cozy feeling that Supes give them, however the new series from Amazon provides plenty of reasons why you should never meet your heroes. But why have an average review when you can have extraordinary discussion from Mike, Michael, John Strangeway, and Matthew Malis? Plus, Matthew finds himself

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