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Proudly serving you since April 2010, Earth Station One is a pop-culture Podcast and blog celebrating our love for all things sci-fi, fantasy, comics, and much, much more.

During any given Podcast, we never know where our discussions will take us, but we assure you that our Podcasts will be entertaining and that you will enjoy them.

Join Mike Faber and Mike Gordon as they dive headfirst into the world of their favorite topics, and see how they can find to get into trouble! The Earth Station One Podcast: It’s time to let your inner geek out to play!

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Mike Gordon
Earth Station One Ep 604

The Earth Station One Podcast – Ghostbusters Afterlife Movie Review

There’s something strange on your neighborhood movie screen. Who ya gonna call? The ESO Movie Crew! Mike, Mike, Alex, and Ashley review the long-awaited follow-up nearly thirty years in the making. Plus, we Rant and Rave about what we’ve been watching on the small screen. All this, along with Angela’s

Earth Station One Ep 603

The Earth Station One Podcast – The 2021 Holiday Geek Gift Guide

We’ve not even finished eating all our Halloween candy and now the holidays are nearly upon us. Nevertheless, Mike, Mike, Mary Ogle, Richard Ewell, and the award-winning Mark Maddox suggest some great additions to your Black Friday agenda. All this, along with Angela’s A Geek Girl’s Take, Ashley’s Box Office

Earth Station One Ep 602

The Earth Station One Podcast – Eternals Movie Review

Do you know what has never saved the world? Sprite’s sarcasm and reviews from the ESO Movie Crew. Nevertheless, Mike, Mike, Ashley, Alex, and Kevin Cafferty reunite after thousands of years to review the latest entry in the MCU. Plus, comedian and storyteller Divinity Rose stands up to the Geek

Earth Station One Ep 601

The Earth Station One Podcast – The 20th Anniversary of Spirited Away

Two decades ago, one of the most successful Japanese films of all time was released and the world took notice. Mike, Mike, Ashley, and Chip Johnson take a look at Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece to see if it still lives up to its well-regarded reputation. Plus, actor Michael Lloyd engages with

Earth Station One Ep 600 - Dune

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 600 – Dune Part 1 Movie Review

Mike and Mike celebrate 600 episodes of Earth Station One by doing what they do best – have a fun geeky discussion with some great folks. Alex, Ashley, and Chip Johnson take part in a spicy review of the third attempt to bring Frank Herbert’s 1965 epic story to life.

Earth Station One Ep 598 - No Time To Die

The Earth Station One Podcast – No Time To Die Movie Review

The time has finally come! Mike, Mike, Ashley, Alan J. Porter, and Matthew Kresel report in full on Daniel Craig’s final mission as James Bond. Plus, some Monkee talk with Kevin Eldridge. All this, along with Angela’s A Geek Girl’s Take, Michelle’s Iconic Rock Moment, Creative Outlet with Jaime Ramos,

The Earth Station One Ep 597

The Earth Station One Podcast – Favorite Spooky Tunes

The Countdown to Halloween 2021 has begun! Mike, Mike, Michelle, Bambi, and Ricky shine a light on their playlists filled with ghostly, eerie, spine-chilling music that will lose your soul. Plus, Jason from Pure Ed takes center stage in the Geek Seat. All this, along with Angela’s A Geek Girl’s

The Earth Station One Podcast Ep 696

The Earth Station One Podcast – Michaelmas Holiday Special

The Earth Station One podcast wishes everyone a Merry Michaelmas! Mike, Michael, Michael Thompson, and Michael Stark celebrate by discussing the impact of the most popular name of the twentieth century on a personal level and in pop culture. Plus, filmmaker Ishan Parikh tests his mettle against the Geek Seat.

The Earth Station One Podcast - An LGBT Look At Torch Song Trilogy

The Earth Station One Podcast – An LGBT Look at Torch Song Trilogy

“Uncle” Harvey Fierstein redefined the persona of a drag queen with his critically acclaimed three-act play later captured in film. Mike, Mike, and Darren look at this underrated comedy-drama that takes a nostalgic look at gay life before AIDS. Plus, writer and self-publisher Justin Gray wrangles the Geek Seat. All

The Earth Station One Podcast - Doom Patrol

The Earth Station One Podcast – Doom Patrol

Lost causes aren’t lost if there’s someone to fight for them. Enter DC’s Doom Patrol. Mike, Mike, and Matthew Malis visit the manor of misfit heroes and discuss the eponymous team from the comic origins to the series second season finale. Plus, actor Joshua Christian Azali tries to level up

The Earth Station One Podcast Ep 592

The Earth Station One Podcast – Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The Clone Wars are over and now a special group of troopers must come to terms with the rise of the Empire in the newest Star Wars animated series from Dave Feloni. Mike, Mike, Ashley Pauls, and Melanie Dean report for duty to discuss this unique series about a band

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