Double Edged Double Bill Podcast

Please have your ticket stubs out for the Double Edged Double Bill!

Each week, Adam Thomas and Thomas Mariani will come to the table to discuss the randomly selected yin and yang of a double feature. Then, both will have to pick a number between one and ten in order to seal their fates for the next episode. One will have two good movies. The other two bad ones. Let the chaos begin!

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Adam Thomas

Double Edged Double Bill Episode 127: Leatherface Chainsaws Into Texas

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre revolutionized the horror genre. Somehow, it became a weird franchise. Now, it’s a horror series Double Edged Double Bill is taking a look at this spooky season! Adam Thomas and Thomas Mariani welcome horror culture writer Tiffany Blem to take a look at two odd Leatherface

Double Edged Double Bill Episode 125 – Vampires Hunger For Dracula 2000

Vampires in film kicks off the spooky season for Double Edged Double Bill! Adam and Thomas welcome back writer, podcast and vampire enthusiast Ale Gonzalez from Seequels to talk two very different films featuring the creatures of the night. First, three alluring blood thirsty vampires seductively fight off aging in

Double Edged Double Bill Episode 124 – The Pod People I Live In Are From Spain

This week, Double Edged Double Bill travels to Europe! Specifically, Adam and Thomas are celebrating films from Spain. First, our heroes suffer through the grueling E.T. rip off Extraterrestrial Visitors. Or, as Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans may know it, Pod People! Then, an intense debate begins over the merits

Double Edged Double Bill Episode 123 – Anime In a Pokemon Shell

This week, Double Edged Double Bill is returning to Japan with a special episode on anime. Adam and Thomas aren’t otakus by any stretch, but they’ve sought the help of previous guest and anime super fan Yonathan Habtemichael to help dissect this diverse and plentiful medium. First, they take a

Double Edged Double Bill Episode 122: Peter Jackson Presents The Lovely Braindead

Peter Jackson made two trilogies, so he’s bound to survive a Double Edged Double Bill! This week, Adam and Thomas bring along editor-in-chief of Talk Film Society Marcelo Pico to journey through two Peter Jackson films. First, high praise is abound for the infamously gory zombie film Braindead. Then, Peter

Double Edged Double Bill 121 – Adam Sandler Is Punch Drunk Jack

Happy Birthday Adam Sandler! From his Saturday Night Live routes to his modern Netflix stardom, there’s a much more nuanced comedic journey to the Sandman than most folks would give him credit for. In honor of the comedic powerhouse turning 54 this week, Adam, Thomas and special guest Scott Johnson

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