Book Review

The Dark Tower is the movie (and TV show?) that refuses to die

By Don Kaye, Source: It’s been kind of quiet on the Dark Tower scene in recent months, leading to speculation that the mammoth project had fallen into development hell. But now there are signs that Roland the last gunslinger might be coming to a theater near you after all.

Movie review: ‘John Carter’

By Ashley Bergner Box Office Buzz There’s no doubt “John Carter” was a major gamble for Disney. The film had a massive budget (reportedly $250 million) it will have to make back through ticket sales, and the project has been mired in “production hell” since 1931 (yes, you read that

Terry Brooks’ Magic Kingdom For Sale To Steve Carrell

by Brendon Connelly, Source: Bleeding There are six books in the Magic Kingdom of Landover series, a chain of lightly comic fantasy adventures starting with Magic Kingdom For Sale – SOLD! The protagonist of the stories is a Chicago trial lawyer who loses his wife in a terrible accident.

‘Hugo’ a magical, enchanting tribute to the art of film

By Ashley Bergner; Box Office Buzz Though “Hugo” may not have won the coveted Oscar statuette for “Best Picture” at this year’s Academy Awards, this magical and enchanting film is well worth renting if you missed it in theaters. The movie is a whimsical visual treat, and it also serves

Still a month away, The Hunger Games breaks Twilight presale record

By Trent Moore, Source: A lot of people have deemed The Hunger Games a successor to Twilight. Both are films based on blockbuster teen novels, both are hotly anticipated, and both have rabid fan bases. But The Hunger Games might already be overtaking the vampire franchise. The flick won’t

J.K. Rowling teases with news of a post-Potter novel for grown-ups

By Marc Bernardin, Source: Even though writing for children has made her rich beyond the dreams of mortal man, J.K. Rowling has announced that her next novel will be “very different from the Harry Potter series.” And she’s already signed the deal for its release. Details, as you can

That $500K Adjustment lawsuit brought by the Dick estate is done

By Krystal Clark, Source: The estate of author Philip K. Dick is throwing in the towel. It’s decided to drop the suit against the producers of the 2011 film The Adjustment Bureau. Last fall, Media Rights Capital and director George Nolfi were sued by Dick’s estate when they refused

CBS has found its Holmes for that OTHER modern-day Sherlock reboot

By Marc Bernardin, Source: Even though we’ll still go on the record and say that to launch a present-day Sherlock Holmes TV series in the shadow of the superlative BBC version is folly, at least CBS has found an interesting actor to play the great detective in Elementary. Jonny

That Darkover TV show we always dreamed about is finally happening

By Marc Bernardin, Source: Given the massive, runaway success of HBO’s Game of Thrones, it was probably just a matter of time before someone snapped up another sweeping, character-dense, world-rich genre book series to bring to the small screen. And Marion Zimmer Bradley’s best-selling Darkover saga seems to be

Look who Peter Jackson just cast as The Hobbit’s ‘toughest’ dwarf

By Trent Moore, Source: Middle-earth is getting even more crowded. With the first of two films based on the J.R.R. Tolkien novel The Hobbit set to open this December, director Peter Jackson has cast the actor who will portray one of the toughest dwarfs in the gang. Billy Connolly

Fringe writers bringing Anne Rice’s Lestat back to life

By Trent Moore, Source: Though Anne Rice’s acclaimed Vampire Chronicles series may be a bestseller at the bookstore, the series hasn’t been a hit on the big screen in nearly 20 years – but all that could change soon thanks to a couple of TV veterans. The Hollywood Reporter

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