In this episode we cover chapters 90 To Sing a Song About & 91 Flame, Thunder, Broken Tree in Patrick Rothfuss’ best selling fantasy novel “The Wise Man’s Fear” the second book in The Kingkiller Chronicle series.

Kvothe’s party has finally located the bandits, with no thanks to Dedan and Hespe. The group manages to surround the bandits camp- and then all HELL breaks loose.

We discuss the long-suffering group dynamics and Kvothe’s attempts to make the defiant Dedan submit to his authority. We speculate (ship) over Tempi and Kvothe’s quiet moment together before the fight. Why do their foes seem more like soldiers than bandits- and what exactly are they doing out there?

We talk all this and more!


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Closing track: “Maple, Maypole” by Anna Bosnick (aka Anna Phyllis Smith)