BIG HITS: (High Tides and Green Grass) Annual 2 pt.1

We’ve come a long way in two years and the Thunderverse keeps on rolling!

In this episode we’ll be looking back on a few of our favorite segments, revisiting some old friends, and blasting out plenty of encore performances from our musical guests.

We’ll be back next Issue with all new content in Annual 2 part two!

00:00:22 CBS All Access
00:01:08 Two Years Already?
00:01:39 East Coast Privilege
00:03:21 Scellon “Unexpectable”
00:13:07 Davey The Good Doctor Adams “Burbank”
00:16:44 Karl F-ing Urban
00:21:09 Jibber-Jabber Jaw
00:27:59 Oak Top “Northbound Train”
00:30:47 Bottom of the Electronic Boogaloo Barrel
00:45:38 OK Boomer
00:51:11 The Howlin’ Roosters “She Left Town”
00:54:21 Mark McCray “The New Adventures of Shiba”
00:59:08 They Both Sacrificed a Chicken!
01:01:08 WWTD – Kirk Camron Christmas
01:10:08 Dan’s Bad Advice – Issue 10
01:15:28 Slipping DM’s
01:21:56 Swear to Sexy Thor
01:22:26 Insert Sexy Something Something
01:25:33 Revelator “Crusaders”
01:30:00 Kate Mulgrew as Batwoman
01:39:12 Happy New Year 2019
01:44:50 Dan Fowler Screaming Soup
01:50:03 Dean Backlund “Corona Vi (just stay home)”
01:55:23 Sexy Origins
01:58:23 WTLK – The Thunder
02:01:41 ASMR
02:03:13 Gotta Get Up To Get Down
02:09:24 Bradley Palermo “Tombstones”
02:13:58 Outro
02:22:47 What’s Goin’ On?


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Kawika Ah Lo

Dan Klink
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Johnathan Wheatley
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Dan Fowler – Celebrity YouTuber

Oak Top / Michael Hagen
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Hell To Pay Management

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Oak Top appears courtesy of Hell To Pay Management

Davey Adams
Wasteland / Neotropolis

The Good Doctor appears courtesy of his damn self.

Missy “Scellon” Waters


Missy “Scellon” Waters appears courtesy of Fortune Teller Entertainment

Bradley Palermo
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Bradley Palermo appears curtesy of Black Hearts & Pink Parts music

The Howlin’ Roosters


The Howlin’ Roosters and Zomie! Media Records grant Thunder Talk permission use of all parts of the tracks “She Left Town”, “This Dive Bar”, and “Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost” for their upcoming podcast episode and use for streaming purposes on 

Dean Backlund
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Dean Backlund appears on Thunder Talk courtesy of Everyday Housewives Mgmt LTD.
Home Sweet is performed by Home Mötley Crüe and is property of Elektra 1985 all right reserved
Corona Vi (just stay home) is performed for the purpose of satirical social commentary only under Section 107 of The Copyright Act of 1976

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This email serves to give permission to include the song “Crusaders” in an episode of the “Thunder Talk” podcast. As a diy band, we control all rights to our music and are solely responsible for distribution of our music.

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