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Ring of Thunder episode 84 – 2021 WWE DraftKingOfKings Part Two

The WWE Draft concludes as the Knockouts of Impact are honored with a tournament in an Impact Plus special two weeks away from Bound For Glory.  The New Day try to Escape The Undertaker with YOUR help!  King of the Ring and the Queen’s Crown tournaments begin along with Sexy

Ring of Thunder episode 83 – 2021 WWE DraftKingOfKings Part 1

Results from the first night of the WWE Draft, more matches on the ol Crown Jewel card that’s still happening…and a new TNT Champion!!!!  It may not be Xavier Woods obviously, but another opportunity for Woods to make his dreams and goals reality is on the horizon. #esonetwork #thunderverse #SexyThor4UUDD

The Ring of Thunder Podcast

Ring of Thunder episode 82 – eXtreme Thunder Grand Slam

WWE goes extreme with the Extreme Rules PPV that had as many Extreme Rules matches as they do Extreme Rules PPVs this year, AEW arrives in the Big Apple for a Grand Slam of a show, and apparently Taylor Swift used to babysit Jeff Jarrett’s kids at one point, so

The Ring of Thunder Podcast

Ring of Thunder episode 81 – It’s A Nice Day For A Way Wedding

It’s a nice day for NXT to…..START AGAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIN!!!!!!! Most people hear Wale say “You wanna go big? Then say that!” and Big E hears “You wanna cash in and be WWE champion?  Then say that!” Finally we talk about an episode of Dark Side Of The Ring that has present

Ring of Thunder episode 80 – Beast And Demon In The Garden

Santa Claus gives props to Ring of Thunder and Sexy Thor runs with it, Ice Trae returns to The Garden, a deeper dive into The Wicked Game Master from DragonCon Wrestling, Trixie, and the NXT Championship picture changes suddenly, again. #esonetwork #thunderverse #SexyThor4UUDD Ring of Thunder socials Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: ringofthunder

Ring of Thunder episode 79 – All Out For DragonCon, Bay Bay!

Sexy Thor finally returns to DragonCon Wrestling and experiences their wrestling track in full and also stays in while apparently people are partying on Sundays to watch All Out which turned out to be the best way to drive home safely and somehow make a podcast as soon as he

Ring of Thunder episode 77 – The Man’s Undisputed ThunderSlam

This could be a description attempting to cover all the insane action that happened this past week, or this could simply say… BECKY. IS. BACK!!!! #esonetwork #thunderverse #SexyThor4UUDD #SexyThor4DaParty Ring of Thunder socials Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: ringofthunder Thunder Talk socials Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: thundertalkpod

Ring of Thunder episode 76 – Once Upon A Time In The Queen City

Randy Orton returns in his first time with the WWE Universe since *that* WrestleMania match, Kiera Hogan gets taken into the mist that is probably AEW, we live in a world where Ric Flair chops Kenny Omega, and Sexy Thor returns to his first WWE show since 2019! #esonetwork #thunderverse

Ring of Thunder episode 75 – Task Force Bliss

John Cena releases yet another summer movie in “The Suicide Squad” while the Summer of Cena continues, Jericho-Guerrera actually happened again in 2021, Savannah Evans goes from the Grand Prix to the Impact Zone, and Alexa Bliss celebrates another trip around the sun and we celebrate with Sexy Thor talking

Ring of Thunder episode 74 – Thunder-Man: Homecoming

Impact crowns their homecoming (drama) king and queen, Ring of Honor begins their crowning of the new women’s champion with their tournament, and WWE drops the ball in the spooky and creative department.  What else is new? #esonetwork #thunderverse #SexyThor4UUDD #SexyThor4DaParty Ring of Thunder socials Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: ringofthunder Thunder Talk

Ring of Thunder episode 73 – Pro Wrestling Thunder Fest

John Cena is everywhere while we get return after return after return after return, the labors of Jericho commence and he’s only starting to make some pain, and Lightning Lad goes to his first wrestling match in Pro Wrestling Turbo’s Grand Prix II, the go home show to the big

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