Adam Whetston

Ring of Thunder episode 63 – Priest & Mizjudice & Zombies

An utterly confusing weekend where an event called Under Siege happened with no sign of Steven Seagal happened and Alexa Bliss immobilizing someone wasn’t even the weirdest thing that happened that week and what did happen made Sexy Thor slide into Spooky Thor a little bit. #esonetwork #thunderverse #SexyThor4UUDD #SexyThor4ThunderDome

Ring of Thunder episode 62 – There Will Be Blood(And Guts!)

After over a year’s delay, AEW brings us Blood And Guts!  The Head of the Table’s music can be heard clearly and the results will surprise you.  Speaking of, an Uso not seen since the Performance Center days returns to the island of relevancy, but will he take his seat

Ring of Thunder episode 61 – Wilde Side

As we get closer to (WrestleMania) Backlash and Impact’s Under Siege, Sexy Thor says a heartfelt goodbye to a staple on Smackdown that has graced TV screens each and every week and always put a smile on his face. Roman Reigns “The Shield” entrance theme. 2012/2014 – 2021 #esonetwork #thunderverse

Ring of Thunder episode 60 – This Is A Rebellion, Isn’t It?

Impact held its Rebellion PPV and we find out who is now the unified Impact World Champion and AEW World Champion.  Is it Rich Swann?  Is it Kenny Omega?  Is it Swoggle????  Plus we try to recap the important stuff that happened over the last two weeks because Sexy Thor

Ring of Thunder episode 58 – ThunderMania 2: Back In Business!

WrestleMania season is over and culminating in a week of so much wrestling across companies.  We’ve got NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver!  We have Hardcore Justice!  We have Hall of Fame!  We have the Showcase of the Immortals itself, WrestleMania!  What happened and most importantly, what is Sexy Thor’s mental

Ring of Thunder episode 57 – Et Tu, Marshall?

On the go home Ring of Thunder episode before WrestleMania week, infighting with the Nightmare Family, Arcade Anarchy with the return of a certain alien, and more news and predictions as our road to WrestleMania starts winding down! #esonetwork #thunderverse #SexyThor4UUDD #SexyThor4ThunderDome Ring of Thunder socials Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: ringofthunder Thunder

Ring of Thunder episode 56 – A Nightmare On Raw Street

With Fastlane in the rearview, there’s a whole lot of WrestleMania build and announcements hitting us in the face all at once and we try to tackle it all including the debut of Smackdown Theatre! #esonetwork #thunderverse #SexyThor4UUDD #SexyThor4ThunderDome Ring of Thunder socials Facebook/Twitter/Instgram: ringofthunder Thunder Talk socials Facebook/Twitter/Instagram:

Ring of Thunder episode 55 – Life In The Fastlane

He was a burnt headed man He was brutally crisp and she was terminally pretty She held him up and dragged him out of Hell to face cold, cold Randy He had a nasty reputation as a cruel Fiend He’d hit a Sister Abigail and she’d get the one, two,

Ring of Thunder episode 54 – Moose’s Sacrifice

The Impact and TNA Heavyweight Championships are unified!  The Inner Circle is unified!  Everyone’s unified!  All sorts of new announcements at NXT!  I don’t know why everything has exclamation points! #esonetwork #thunderverse #SexyThor4UUDD #SexyThor4ThunderDome Ring of Thunder socials Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: ringofthunder Thunder Talk socials Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: thundertalkpod

Ring of Thunder episode 53 – The Capitol Wrestling Screwjob

We return to your regularly formatted Ring of Thunder that starts with an anniversary, hits a screwjob along the way and ends with a Revolution with All Ego that out. works. everyone.  Happy 1 year, Ring of Thunder.  Pat yourself on the back…more than usual. #esonetwork #thunderverse #SexyThor4UUDD #SexyThor4ThunderDome Thunder

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