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Ring of Thunder episode 33 – Spin The Wheel, Make A Podcast

Who just switches format halfway through an episode?  Sexy Thor, that’s who!  We move on from the recaps of old to just a show of just sounding off on the notable stuff.  A week of wrestling is usually chaotic and doesnt make sense so why should this show be any

Ring of Thunder episode 32 – Who Had Lars Sullivan On Their Draft Bingo Card?

A valid question as we get into night one of the WWE Draft with recaps of Chris Jericho’s 30 year celebration and the fallout from Victory Road. #esonetwork #thunderverse #ringofthunder #SexyThor4UUDD #SexyThor4ThunderDome Thunder Talk socials Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: thundertalkpod Sexy Thor socials Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: thundertalkthor

Ring of Thunder episode 31 – Take Me Home, Victory Road…

…to the place, I belong!  Bound For Glory, here we come.  Take me home, Victory Roooooad.  Also Takeover 31 is the main event of episode 31 and lots of fun times happening for the month of October but what else is new? #esonetwork #ringofthunder #thunderverse #SexyThor4UUDD #SexyThor4ThunderDome Thunder Talk socials

Ring of Thunder episode 30 – The Possession of Alexa Bliss

Last week’s recap leading up to Clash Of Champions including Alexa Bliss going from being able to hit Sister Abigails looking high to Lacey Evans finding herself in the third act of Paranormal Activity with Alexa going full Katie Featherston. The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns straight up committing cousincide on

Ring of Thunder episode 29 – Uncool With Sexy Thor

On the eve of Sexy Thor’s new favorite podcast, the past week’s recap including Lady Lacey meeting Sister Abigail, Jey Uso inching closer to a spear and a bunch of chair shots and not even realizing it, more Ring of Honor Pure Tournament action, and the return of NXT UK.

The Ring of Thunder Podcast

Ring of Thunder episode 28 – Remembering Pasquale The Persevering Parrot

Last week’s recap with a new 2 time NXT Champion, Ring of Honor gets a bubble, and Sexy Thor recites a piece memorializing Pasquale, the Persevering Parrot that was introduced in the Firefly Fun House, before going off the rails in typical Sexy Thor fashion. No PPV coverage but its

Ring of Thunder episode 27 – “All Out” Of Episode Title Puns

Recap of the third straight PPV week with Rosemary getting engaged to John E Bravo, people are getting sent to local medical facilities left and right, and violence breaks out at the dentist office and it wasn’t even set to Dokken’s “Tooth And Nail”. #esonetwork #thunderverse #ringofthunder #SexyThor4UUDD #SexyThor4ThunderDome Thunder

Ring of Thunder episode 25 – You’ll Never Spear It Coming!

The supersized recap in the final stretch run before the biggest party of the summer and one action packed weekend with all the scary dudes getting titles and a return you’ll never see coming but you might’ve joked with a friend like 20 minutes earlier that would happen…oh 2020, you

Ring of Thunder episode 24 – The Dirtiest Viper In The Game

Last week’s recap including Randy Orton doing WHAT to Ric Flair, Retribution’s turning over cars and turning off lights and locking people in restrooms, and whatever’s happening with this Alexa/Braun/Fiend thing. Also, what’s this about a THUNDERDOME??? #esonetwork #ringofthunder #thunderverse #SexyThor4UUDD #SexyThor4ThunderDome Thunder Talk socials Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: thundertalkpod Sexy

Ring of Thunder episode 23 – The Empress Of Retribution

Last week’s recap including Asuka beginning her revenge tour for Kairi, a new faction is messing with the lights at the Performance Center, Shane McMahon is going all Never Back Down on Raw, and Braun Strowman angles the camera funny when he cuts promos remotely with the selfie lens. #esonetwork

The Ring of Thunder Podcast

Ring of Thunder episode 22 – The Final Voyage Of The Pirate Princess

Last week’s recap including a farewell to Kairi Sane as she heads back home and an ending to Smackdown that had this host SHOOK.   Thunder Talk socials Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: thundertalkpod   Sexy Thor socials Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: thundertalkthor   #esonetwork #thunderverse #ringofthunder

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