Noah Bell

How to Cure Your Boredom: In 5 Ways or Less

It creeps into your life like a Josh Whedon character death that you never see coming. Boredom. We have all experienced it. I would wager a lot of you have really been bored here lately. Fret not dear readers, I am here to teach you How to Cure your boredom

The Dragon*Con Con Suite a Magical Place

Dragon*Con Goes Virtual is upon us my fellow geeks! The multi-media convention held in Atlanta Georgia during the labor day weekend typically draws a crowd of 80,000 plus attendees. It is a geek mecca. This year due to the global pandemic known as Covid-19, Dragon*Con is going virtual. Even though

How to Scratch The Twitch Itch

Attention! I have to Scratch The Twitch Itch. No, I don’t need to slather myself in calamine lotion because it’s not that kind of itch. This itch involves streaming and watching others stream on the platform known as Twitch. When you hear the name Twitch I bet you think of

#Release the “Insert Title of the Movie here” Cut

“It’s difficult to find a movie that feels true to itself. You feel the hand of Hollywood, the moviemaking by committee, on everything. ” Zack Snyder. Mr. Snyder certainly experienced the hard truth in his very words. On the eve of DCFandome, possibly a game changer event for Warner Brothers

Geeks Are Built to Survive the Pandemic

The end of life as we know it!! They say you need to have a strong opening sentence to grab the audience’s attention and now I have yours. Hello fine folks, I’m Noah_The_Alpha_Geek and this is my first blog for ESONetwork. I’m very happy to be here. First just the

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