Jennifer Wees

Former academic, barista, administrative type. Current learner, wage slave, conversationalist, jewellery maker, customer servicer. I volunteer at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in a supervisory capacity but I have no organizational pull. I read a ton of different types of non-fiction; my fiction comes from movies and tv. My views are widely influenced and strongly held, but will change if convinced. Hold on tightly, let go lightly.
The Mummy

Are you my Mummy?

I was led to believe the new Mummy movie sucked, that Tom Cruise’s star power is waning, and the film couldn’t decide what it wanted to be although it seemed to want to be Indiana Jones. I don’t much care about Cruise as a person (if only he’d found meditation

Open the Pod Bay Door, CAL: Agents of

Open the Pod Bay Door, Cal. Agents of (SPOILERS: If you haven’t watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. since the seasonal break, don’t read this.) Let me start by saying how awesome Kyle MacLachlan is at being batshit insane. I’d previously only seen him play subdued, with the exception of some

The Truth is Out There (maybe)

Given the recent (totally awesome!) news that the X-Files will be back, however briefly, I feel the urge to re-iterate my old idea (previously discussed here in a time travel post) given that there’s a possibility for change! When a show’s over, it’s usually over, there’s no going back, and

Eternity versus Chocolate: concerning vampires

What makes a scary movie scary? Is it the threat of violence and death? That’s pretty scary, but the scariest movies for me are the ones that involve more than just death. Everyone’s going to die; I’m more scared by becoming something I don’t want to be. I think this

Dominion, a new show you should all watch

Dominion Spoilers I’ve heard mixed reviews from my friends but I like almost everything about this show. Let me start by saying that my educational background is in classical history and early Christianity. I’m not really one for belief, but I don’t mind shows that exhibit religious belief if there’s

I Can’t Stop This Feeling, Deep Inside of Me

I just got back from a second viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy. I like this movie, I really did; I didn’t love it though, possibly because my expectations were set impossibly high by the super awesome trailers, but it was very good. Mostly it felt very comfortable, like something

An Open Letter to Paramount Studios

I know you want another Star Trek TV show; we all do! If you would be so kind, I’d like to suggest some ideas as to how you might make it happen, maybe overcome some possible objections.

Ship? Out of Danger?

I watched Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) before I was old enough to read. It wasn’t during the original run, but it was the early 70s. It was broadly acted, certainly, and is, with the benefit of hindsight, clearly cheesy, but it taught me some things:

Whedon of Late

I could go into more detail but who hasn’t? Just thinking about Whedon just now. I like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but it could have been better. It got better, no doubt, but it took its sweet time about it. I think if it wasn’t a Joss Whedon production, it wouldn’t

Time travel. Spoilers! Obviously. It’s. Time. Travel.

I don’t mind time travel. I like it to make sense, but how would I know, exactly, what that would look like? I was once reading some reviews of Looper, which, frankly, I found to be quite a respectable depiction of time travel, as I understand it, which I don’t,

Best TV EVAR! Quantum Leap: M.I.A.; The Leap Home, parts I and II

It’s interesting how our memories deceive us. I was sure I knew when these episodes aired and what season they were in, but I was so completely wrong. I thought my favourite episodes were closer to the end, when the show was wrapping up, but it turns out they were

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