Star Trek The Next Generation

I just watched season 3 of ‘Picard’ and it was amazing

I broke a lot of my own preferred viewing rules to watch season 3 of Picard.  I had not watched season 1 or 2 of this show. While I was familiar with The Next Generation characters and had seen a handful of episodes, I knew far less about TNG than

Earth Station Trek Bonus – Picard on the Silver Screen

We recently went live on Twitch for the Captain Picard Week podcast festival, hosted by Strange New Pod! Join the EARTH STATION TREK crew as we discuss Picard’s transition from contemplative television icon to big-screen action hero! He faced regret, revenge, rebellion, and a dune buggy… the line must be

Earth Station Trek Episode Fifty-Three – Trivia Challenge and Time Amok

Do you have what it takes to face the Earth Station Trek Trivia Challenge? Join Veronica, Alan, Keith, and Charles as they try to stump one another with the most challenging trivia in the quadrant! We’ll also look forward into the latest Star Trek release schedule and back into Trek

Bradley Palermo & The Shadow Queens ⚡ A THUNDER TALK Christmas Event

Welcome to another Sorta-Christmas Special where we sorta talk about the holidays! We open these folk-punk festivities bearing gifts. Otherwise BYOB + $5 at the door. Our first gift doesn’t need a special occasion to be a special occasion. Bradley Palermo returns to Thunder Talk, this time backed by The

Earth Station Trek Episode Twenty – Twentieth Episodes

Your hosts have reached a milestone twentieth episode! With that we decided to review the 20th episode of every Star Trek series. How does number twenty hold up among the others of that series? Among the other twentieth episodes? Earth Station Trek is a part of the ESO Podcast Network, Executive Producer

Earth Station Trek Episode Nineteen – Underrated Gems

Do you have that one, or fifty, episode(s) of Star Trek that you just love, but no one ever seems to talk about? That’s what this week is all about, the Underrated Gems of Star trek! Listen to find out what Charles Kelso, Keith Johnson, Alan Siler, and Veronica Dashiell

trek pets

Earth Station Trek Episode Eighteen – Trek Pets

This week we take a look at a group of non-humanoid interstellar voyagers, the Pets of the Trekverse! What do “lower” lifeforms like dogs, cats, birds, and other Earth creatures have to offer on an interstellar voyage? What life forms qualify as pets? Spot? Grudge? Neelix?  Find out how your

Earth Station Trek Episode Fourteen – First Officers Number One

Join your hosts as they delve into the world of First Officers. Find out who thinks Riker is a better First Officer than Spock, and if this person will stay married after their significant other finds out! This week they cover the first three First Officers, Number One, Mr. Spock,

Earth Station Trek Episode Twelve – First Contact

Happy First Contact Day! Join your hosts Charles Kelso, Keith Johnson, Alan Siler, and Veronica Dashiell as they discuss the Next Generation movie, First Contact. But first, news! New Funko Pops, the Autobiography of Mr. Spock, and more! Which hosts birthday is First Contact Day? Learn to sing Happy Birthday

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