Quantum Leap

Time Travel

The 42cast Episode 183: It’s About Time

Time travel is one of the classic expressions of science-fiction. H.G. Wells went there with his time machine and Hollywood has gone to that well many times and told us many stories with that idea as their basis. In this episode we do a deep dive on time travel. We

The Earth Station One Podcast Ep 694 - Quantum Leap Season 1 Review

The Earth Station One Podcast – Quantum Leap Season 1 Review

Time to remake history! After thirty years the Quantum Leap accelerator is back in action. Mike Faber, Michael Falkner, and Mike Ehmcke discuss if the current continuation is leaps and bounds above the original classic series. All this, plus Shout Outs. We want to hear from you! Feedback is always

batman and more

Batman and More – Soul Forge Podcast 286

Batman and more! We are taking a break from the serious side of the Soul Forge Podcast this week. We have pop culture news, memories and ground-breaking insights. Starting off, we take a walk down memory lane. Shawn’s first memory of playing with ‘dinky cars’ was a Batmobile with a

Another Look at Minimalism – Soul Forge Podcast 274

Another look at minimalism? Oh yes, it’s time. In the first year of the podcast we took a dive into that world. In fact, we did two episodes about the minimalism journey. You can find those on episodes 25 and 50. Well, it’s been 5 years since our last look.

Voyaging Beyond Trek – Earth Station Trek Episode Seventy-Nine

This week our little Star Trek podcast is going to… NOT talk about Star Trek! Instead, we venture into all the other shows we love, especially those we grew up with, that shaped our love for- and understanding of -science fiction! Earth Station Trek is a part of the ESO Podcast

Top 10 Things To Love – Soul Forge 250

Top 10 things to love! Do you make a list of your favourite things? How many people out there in podcast-land actually have a running inventory of the things that make them happy? Obviously there is no way of answering that question. On this episode, I run down some of

The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 11/3/2017

As I’ve mentioned on the podcast, I will be ending the Scifi News podcast for the rest of the year and a bit in January 2018. While it may be the most wonderful time of the year for many, this means for me the most hectic time of the year.

Earth Station One Episode 227: ESO Takes a Quantum Leap

Theorizing that they can time travel within their own lifetime, the ESO crew steps into the Quantum Leap Accelerator and vanish. With “Howdy” Mike Gordon on special assignment at the Boston Comic Con, this week’s station crew: Mike Faber, the award-winning Bobby Nash, Dr. Scott Viguie, Dr. Q, John Strangeway,

Next on Earth Station One.. Quantum Leap

Next week, theorizing that they could time travel within their own lifetime, the ESO crew steps into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanish. They awake to find themselves trapped in the past, watching a hit television series from the 1980’s and 90’s. Their companions on this journey are a motley

Next on Earth Station One…

Next week, Earth Station One goes all timey-whimey as the ESO crew hops into our favorite time travel devices to explore our favorite movies and TV shows dealing with time travel. So, dust off your Delorean, warm up the Time Tunnel, power up the Sphere, sweet talk the TARDIS, and

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