Marvel Cinematic Universe

The MCU is hitting a rough patch…and why that’s not a reason to panic

Before 2020, the Marvel Cinematic Universe reigned supreme at the box office. Avengers: Endgame was the blockbuster to end all blockbusters, an epic, special-effects packed extravaganza with genuine emotion. It was a thrilling conclusion to years of story build-up and character development. Watching it in the theaters opening weekend was

Growing pains? Checking in on our favorite franchises

There’s been a special tradition missing from my holiday season schedule the last couple of years: going to the theater to watch a new Star Wars movie. I’d gotten used to the release of a new Star Wars movie every year around Christmastime, and for whatever reason, I felt the

The MCU gets trippy with ‘Moon Knight’ and ‘Multiverse of Madness’

Watching the finale of Moon Knight AND Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness within the same week was a lot to process. There’s certainly a lot for fans to talk about after these two mind-bending stories.  I could probably dedicate two separate, rather lengthy blog posts to analyzing these

Earth Station One Ep 621

The Earth Station Podcast – The MCU, What’s Next?

Recorded live at the Fandemic Tour Atlanta! For nearly fifteen years, The Marvel Universe has been gracing us with fantastic adventures on screens both big and small. As the MCU enters the next phase, Mike, Michael, and Michael Falkner offer potential answers to the question “What’s Next?” Plus, Mark Maddux

Previously On… Catching up with ‘WandaVision’ on Disney+

Well, my grand experiment to take a break from Disney+ and try out other streaming services lasted all of two months. Eventually, I couldn’t stand the suspense anymore, and I just had to find out what was going on with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new Disney+ show WandaVision. I now

Woke Nerd Junk

Thunder Talk Issue 36 – A History of…

We reminisce about the good ‘ol days, when movies were rented from video stores, inbreeding was considered a noble tradition, and Russia was always the bad guy. Beth and Kawika weave us through some film and TV talk while Mark and Wheatley take a deeper dive into some premature comic

Movie review: ‘Captain Marvel’ takes the MCU ‘higher, further, faster’

In the coming days and weeks, I’m sure there will be plenty of articles addressing the impact of “Captain Marvel,” from the movie’s massive $150 million opening weekend, to the implications this character will have on the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe (if anyone has a shot at taking out Thanos,

Avengers assemble! Celebrating 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

It’s strange to think that 10 years ago, when the original Iron Man film premiered in theaters, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was by no means a “sure thing.” Although the franchise has earned billions and billions of dollars at this point and become a beloved part of pop culture, in

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