The Moody Blues – Soul Forge Podcast 265

The Moody Blues is episode 265 of The Soul Forge Podcast. Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a kind of depression that appears at certain times of the year. It usually begins in the fall when the days get shorter and lasts through the winter. SAD doesn’t only happen in

You Can’t Halt the Future – Soul Forge Podcast 260

You can’t halt the future, no matter how much you try! My son Bishop comes for a visit! Five months ago, in April, I moved from Timmins back to my hometown of Sault Ste. Marie. This move was 19 years in the making. Fear held me back. Due to a

Looking Backwards and Forward – Soul Forge Podcast 258

Looking Backwards and Forward Everything you want is on the other side of fear. There are a few things I have learned after podcasting about myself for the last 5 years. When you take a good hard look at your life, you should see areas where you can improve; areas

YouTube Breakfast – Soul Forge Podcast 253

YouTube Breakfast: Problems and Pain is episode 253 of the Soul Forge Podcast! A rare walk and talk episode with great sound quality! This week on the podcast, we are discussing a variety of topics. Join me on my mail route for about 20 minutes as I waxed philosophically and

Cursed – Soul Forge Podcast 242

Cursed: The Bravery of Happiness is episode 242 of the Soul Forge Podcast. Have you ever had an epiphany? You know, one of those lightbulb moments where a sudden realization hits you! One minute you’re minding your own business when out of nowhere insight slaps you upside the head. Technically,

Flawed Perfection – Soul Forge Podcast 233

What is flawed perfection? No one is their ideal self. We all have things about us that we like, and things we can’t stand. This episode was the year end wrap up for 2019. Because I am not feeling like myself lately, it felt like the perfect opportunity for a

Nothing to Fear – Soul Forge Podcast 225

Nothing to fear is freedom. Everyone feels fear from time to time. Various levels and intensities as we are all unique with a wide variety of experiences and tolerances. Someone’s nothing to fear is another person’s greatest fear. Nothing to Fear was originally going to be a spooky Hallowe’en episode.

A Father and Son Chat – SOUL FORGE PODCAST 134

My son stops by for a quick father and son chat. What does Bishop want to do with his life? What are his thoughts about the future? We discuss what he has been learning in school. Is he actually learning anything? Well, it’s hard to tell from what he says,

Unapologetically Me – Soul Forge Podcast 132

2019 taught me a lot about myself. In fact, this has probably been the most progress I have made in a year since 2015. I am Unapologetically Me. So this episode will detail some of the realizations I have come to. Also, this episode is filled with all kinds of

Weirdest Guest Ever! – Soul Forge Podcast 106

Get ready for the weirdest guest the Soul Forge Podcast has ever had! Who could it be you’re asking yourself. Well, click the play button, download the episode, subscribe in a podcast app or on our YouTube channel and find out! Find us on YouTube by going to this link:

Soul Forge Podcast 83: CAPE FEAR

Cape Fear! Not the movie, nor the remake, but a state of mind. Cape fear is what occurs when you are not comfortable in a particular style of clothing or fashion. The Sunday Morning Coffee Club is a rather new experiment in socialization. The club was founded by your ever-present

Soul Forge Podcast 49: Sex, Passion, Enlightenment with Meta Tara

Enjoy this conversation with Meta Tara, the type of woman they fight wars over. She talks about love, sex, spirituality, communication, empowerment and more. Get your mind on track with help from Meta Tara. Meta Tara (Lauren Nicole Peters), is your empowerment guru! We’re talking about sexuality, personal power, self-expression,

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