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Dan Hitch
Paul Wright
Shawn Vanderloo

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 74 – Our Top 5 Films Ever!

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 74: Paul, Shawn & Dan’s top 5 films. Today the boys tell Kacey which are their top 5 favourite films of all time. A sort of collective desert island DVD episode if you will. Will you agree with their choices which are made from their

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 73: Toys from our childhood

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 73: Toys from our childhoods. Today Kacey takes the chair for the first time and asks Dan, Paul and Shawn what their favourite toys were when growing up. She then takes us through her favourites before the conversation turns to video games. Which toy do

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 72 – 10 Questions Pt2

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 72: 10 Questions each Pt2. In 10 Questions Pt2 we continue our “get to know you” session of us asking each other 10 random questions. Today is Paul and Shawn’s turn to ask the questions, and the answers were once again amazing and sometimes surprising

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 71 – 10 Questions Pt1

In this episode we decided to have a, “get to know you” session, with Kacey by all of us asking each other 10 random questions. The answers were amazing and sometimes surprising and revealing. We all found out something that we didn’t previously know about each other and it was

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 70 – Babylon 5 Season 3 Review

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 70: Babylon 5 Se3 Review. This week we take a look back at Babylon 5, Season Three and pick out our favourite episodes. Also we talk about the Narns and their plight along with G’Kar and Vir Cotto. What are your thoughts on this episode?

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 69 – Desert Island Discs with Kacey

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 69: Desert Island Discs with Kacey. In this episode we are joined by Kacey, and when I say joined, I mean that she has permanently joined us a as co-host. As an introduction to her and her to the podcast we thought it would be

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 68 – Is there life out there in the stars

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 68 – Is there life out there in the stars This week The Earth Station Trek hosts, Chuck, Keith and Alan, visit the Pizza Place to talk about whether there is any other life, intelligent or not, out in the universe and what would it

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 67 – Cults & Conspiracy Theories With Kasey

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 67: Cults & Conspiracy Theories With Kacey. This week we are honoured to be joined by award nominated Podcaster and host of the Cult Vault Podcast, Kasey. Yes Kasey is back for her third visit to the Pizza place to update us on her Podcasts

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 66 – Cartoons of our Childhood Pt3

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 66: Cartoons of our childhood Part 3 (Dan). In this episode, (the third of three) following on the heels of Paul & Shawn, Dan looks back at the Cartoons that shaped his early life. And there are a lot of them, most of these will

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 65 – The Terminator Re-Cast

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 65: Terminator Recast. This week Dan came up with the Idea of re-casting the 1980’s movie classic, The Terminator. Who would you have as your Terminator, Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor. Which actors do you think could play the police lieutenant, The gun shop owner

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 64 – Star Trek: Mastermind

Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 64: Star Trek Mastermind. This week the Cosmic Pizza Podcast combines the world of Start Trek with the world of British 1970’s quiz shows by creating, Star Trek: Mastermind. In this episode Paul, Dan and Shawn go up against each other in a Star Trek

Cosmic Pizza Podcast Episode 63 – Drive to Survive

The Cosmic Pizza Podcast brings you Episode 63 – Drive to Survive. In this episode Phill Russell and Dave Martin tell us all about their adventures on the Two Ball Rally. This is a drive for charity through 9 different European countries using a car that costs no more than £567!

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